Can’t connect FTP to host server? Read me!

Can’t connect FTP to host server? Read me!

Congratulations! You have found the ultimate way to connect your FTP client to host server. I hope you can read this how-to article patiently. Only 57

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Congratulations! You have found the ultimate way to connect your FTP client to host server. I hope you can read this how-to article patiently. Only 570 words and it takes you less than 10 minutes to finish reading.

Why do we need using FTP?

FTP, the short name of file transfer protocol, plays a significant and safest role in connecting two computers or transferring files from local to the server. For WordPress beginners and personal use, File Manager provided by host provider in cPanel is good enough for uploading and downloading files. For teamwork and security consideration, using FTP clients is absolutely the best choice.

  • You can create multiple accounts for each of your team members.
  • You can set permissions for each of your team members.
  • You can access the server without login to the dashboard from browsers.

What you need

1. One free Bluehost hosting account.

Bluehost is a professional host server provider and committed to providing an excellent experience for site owners, especially beginners. Their experts will support you anytime and anywhere. What’s more, it is recommended by official WordPress.

Get a free account from Bluehost first.
2. Install FTP tool on your local computer.

Bluehost recommends three free FTP tools for users. In this article, we choose FileZilla, a simple, free and user-friendly FTP client. You can connect FTP to the host server with only 3 steps.

Three recommended ftp clients from Bluehost.

Download and get FileZilla for free.

3. Create FTP accounts with Bluehost.

To start creating your FTP account, you should login to the cPanel hosting with your Bluehost username and password. Then click “FTP Accounts” to add a new FTP account.

create FTP account.


1. Do your best to make your password 100% strong. Keep your username and password in mind.

2. Note the “Directory”. It determines the resources in the server the users can access remotely by logging on with this new account. In other words, it determines the permissions and authorities. Left it empty means full control.

Start to Connect FTP client to Bluehost

Now, you can start to connect FileZilla to Bluehost server by following the next steps.

Step 1. Move your mouse to “Actions” column and hit “Configure FTP Client”. Manual settings will show immediately. You can find your FTP Username, FTP server, and FTP & explicit FTPS port here.

Configure FTP client.

Step 2. Run FileZilla, input Host, Username, Password, and Port. Using copy and paste.

login FTP account with FileZilla.

Step 3. Click “Quickconnect” button. FileZilla may promote a dialog to ask whether remember passwords. Make a choice based on your preference. Then, click “OK”. After confirming the server’s certificate, FileZilla will start connecting process automatically.

connect bluehost ftp serve successfully

How to upload and download files using FTP client.

FileZilla provides the safest and straightforward method for users to transfer files from local to the server. The left side of the window is your Local Site panel. The other side is your Remote Site panel, which is connecting to your Bluehost server.

upload and download files with FileZilla.

When transferring files from local to the server, just drag and drop the particular files from the left panel to the right panel. Downloading is in the same way but opposite. Alternatively, you can choose “upload” or “download” from right-click context menu.


Connecting to your host server with an FTP client can improve the productivity and security of your website. You can manage all of the accounts assigned to your colleagues. Monitor visitors logged into your site through FTP. If you have any issue with connecting FTP to host server, read this post or left a comment and I hope you can find answers here.