How to enlarge images without losing quality

How to enlarge images without losing quality

This is a common situation that we find an attractive picture and hope to download it for using later. Unfortunately, these pictures are not always re

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This is a common situation that we find an attractive picture and hope to download it for using later. Unfortunately, these pictures are not always ready for us. Too small or too large. It is simple to decrease the size of large images with no quality loss in the resizing or shrinking process. Things are different if you want to enlarge small images and keep the high quality at the same time.

Inevitably, the resolution will drop if you make small photos enlargement and they will not reach your expectation. We need special methods and process to enlarge small photos to avoid the resulted images looking blurry and pixelated,

Here, we provide you with four solutions that could enlarge small images perfectly. Equipped with a technique named Fractal Interpolation, the enlarged pixel could match its nearest pixel. This will result in better image quality.

Solution 1. Enlarge images with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

Adobe CC 2018 is the latest version and it equips more powerful features. In this part, I will show you the way to enlarge the image with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

Step 1. Run Adobe Photoshop and open your original image. Go to image size dialog by pressing the shortcut “Alt + Ctrl + I” on Windows or “Command + Option + I” on Mac. Select “Preserve Details (enlargement)” in the drop-down list and increase the width and height. The image is enlarged but the quality is not as good as you expected.

open Image Size in photoshop box.

set preserve details in Image Size box.

Step 2. Close Image Size box and duplicate the layer by pressing hotkey “Ctrl + J” (Win) or “Command + J”. Click right button on the new layer and set the blend mode to “Soft Light” in Blending Options box. Click “OK” to apply.

set blend mode to soft light in layer style box.

Step 3. Set “High Pass” filter. Keep the new layer selected and open High Pass box. Adjust the radius to a value you feel the best. This filter will sharpen the image to compensate for the loss of resolution. Click “OK” and now you can export the enlarged image.

open high pass in photoshop cc 2018

adjust the pixels in high pass box.

Solution 2. Enlarge images with PhotoZoom Classic 7

PhotoZoom Classic 7 is designed to resize images. It is specialized in enlarging photos while keeping high quality. Some features are listed below.

  • Support printing and several resize methods to choose;
  • Support removing JPEG compression artifacts and noise.
  • Preview the resized digital photos.
  • Support handy presets designed for different types of photos,

PhotoZoom is a simple and intuitive photos enlargement tool. Open an image and select a suitable resize method. Then go to “File -> Save As” and export the enlarged image.

Enlarge images with PhotoZoom Classic 7

Solution 3. Enlarge images with STOIK Smart Resizer

STOIK Smart Resizer is a professional program that is capable of enlarging images. It should be noted that this program supports batch mode. In other words, you can enlarge multiple photos at one time.

Simple and easy to use. Add your images and set a larger size for the exported photo. STOIK Smart Resizer could be another alternative method to help you resize your photos in a desired dimension.

Enlarge images with STOIK Smart Resizer

Solution 4. 

GIMP is a compact and free photo processor. Compared with the previous two shareware, this free program is larger in size. The executive file is about 84MB. However, it has impressive features to change the size of an image.

Add your image and go to “Image -> Scale Image”. Set the image size for the exported image. Select Sinc (Lanczos3) for Interpolation in the drop-down list. Then click “Scale” button to make the enlargement.

Enlarge images with free GIMP


After reading this post, I believe you have known the tips of how to enlarge your digital photos without losing quality. If you like this article, please share it with your friends. If you have any suggestions, feel free to left your comments.