How to extract music from video

How to extract music from video

Thinking how to rip music from video clip in an easy way? Well, the easiest way to extract sound from a video is to make use of the audio converter. Y

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Thinking how to rip music from video clip in an easy way? Well, the easiest way to extract sound from a video is to make use of the audio converter. You may feel the need to convert because of player compatibility, device compatibility, storage issues and several other myriads of reasons. No matter what the reason is, you will surely want a video to audio converter to complete the task. One such tool is ZC Video Converter.

ZC Video Converter.

ZC Video Converter is a video tool which swiftly completes the conversion job and delivers quality output. It is also used to extract background music from video files in various formats. The advantage is, it helps to convert videos in different formats that are compatible with various mobile devices like, iPod, iPhone, Creative Zen, Xbox 360 and a lot more. Besides, It’s an ideal ripping software to rip your extensive DVD collection and encode them in several audio formats. It will also help in burning the video to DVD and burning the video onto DVD disk.

The impeccable user interface of the program is user-friendly and executes file conversion in a simple manner. The need for navigation through complex menus and screens is eliminated completely. In one go, you can perform batch conversion. So, when it comes to converting end number of files you can do it in one sitting without wasting your precious time and energy.

Another thing you can do is to customize the output files by simply tweaking the profile settings for the output quality. If the video files are very large, you can select starting and ending of the newly converted file manually. There is an option for the computer to shut down which you can choose so once the process of conversion is completed, the computer will shut down on its own.

How to convert video to audio using ZC Video Converter.

Step 1.

Click on the “Add Video File” icon to add the file.

Step 2.

Choose the audio filetype in the menu of “Select Audio Stream”.

Select the quality for resultant audio in the drop-down list of “Profile Settings”.

Step 3.

Define the output location.

Press the “Start” button.

Quick Time Player.

Video conversion to different formats is an unavoidable task on Mac and a reliable mac conversion tool will make it possible. For example, Quick Time Player which helps to convert video to audio in a smooth and swift way. It will allow you to something else like downloading trailers, making or editing movies, etc.

Using it is quite simple. You will need Perian for that. Download and install it on your Mac. Now you can choose different video formats which you are willing to convert with Quick Time Player. Remember, Without Perian, only certain files can be opened with this program.

How to convert video to audio on Mac using Quick Time Player.

Step 1

  • Choose a video on the QuickTime player which you would like to extract.

Step 2

  • If you are willing to keep the entire audio from the video you can move to step 3 else if you need a certain part of the video in audio form, choose the trim feature from QuickTime.
  • Go to Edit > Trim from the menu. Now, with the help of yellow handles, choose the video portion which you want (video beginning and end portion)

Step 3

  • Choose File > Export to make the desired audio. As the export window opens, choose “Audio Only” from the drop-down menu option. Now name the file and click on Export.
  • Your job is done now. The audio file will be created. It can be used with iTunes that can easily load on your Apple TV, iPod, iPad or iPhone.

The software programs mentioned above will help you in the video to audio conversion. You can also use these music ripper apps to enjoy the media content in your way. When it comes to choosing an audio converter, the options are endless, but the one that is latest and can do the job with zero percent quality loss is the ideal one. Unlike the complexity that other conversion software offers, ZC Video Converter is one in a million. It is packed with supreme features, has helped many with audio and video conversions within a few clicks, and has an easy user interface which is very safe to use.