How to get your first free $50 by playing Cube Cube Game?

How to get your first free $50 by playing Cube Cube Game?

How to win money by playing a game? Cube Cube, a mind-boggling puzzle game lets you win loads of prizes (including real money). Simply download it to

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How to win money by playing a game? Cube Cube, a mind-boggling puzzle game lets you win loads of prizes (including real money). Simply download it to your mobile, apply Cube Cube promo code, & start earning.

Cube Cube – Win Money by Playing this Simple Puzzle Game

Are you looking for some coolest and easiest ways to win money by playing a game? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. With the advent of technology, the game developers have come up with innovative mobile games that offer engaging and mind-boggling gameplays. And, Cube Cube is also not an exception. You can easily download this game to your respective mobile phones. All you will need to download and sign up! Once done, you are ready to explore the gameplay and win real money.

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Well, it is. Obviously, there are only a few valid games that let you win money by playing. In most cases, players like you typically have a frustrating and annoying experience as they can neither win actual money nor cashout their prizes. On the contrary, this brilliant mobile game not only comes with an attractive and addictive gameplay, but also it allows you to win a lucrative amount of money. Interesting enough? Well, keep reading and reveal how to get your first free $50 by playing the game — Cube Cube.

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Get Your First Free $50 by Playing Cube Cube Game – Just Use a Specific Cube Cube Promo Code (Match Code)

In the previous section, you have already revealed Cube Cube, a simple yet engaging mobile game lets its players win real money. Therefore, doesn’t it sound exciting to spend your casual time playing this mobile game and earn real money (in return)? Well, a plenty of worldwide active players of Cube Cube mobile game have already won money by playing this game. So, why don’t you?

The best part is that — this game is now offering a match code. Simply by using this Cube Cube game match code to win the money and share the free $50 prize with all participants. Higher rank means more money. Let’s now quickly reveal how to get your first free $50 by applying Skillz Cube Cube match code. This code has been updated and could be used from August 1st.

Promo Code: coming soon


<Skillz has updated the Match Code and it could be used from now until 31/10>

Three Steps to Win Free Money By Playing Cube Cube Game

1. Cube Cube Free Download: The first step is to download this game into your respective mobile device. Please note, “Cube Cube Free Download Mobile Game” is ready to be downloaded from the iOS app store. The game is completely free to download. you don’t need to spend a single penny to download this game. But, to claim your first free $50 cash prize, you should download the game via the provided link and enter the exact match code in that link (SPOOKYCUBE).

Free download Cube Cube for iOS;         Free download Cube Cube for Android;


2. Sign Up and Apply Cube Cube Game Match Code: Once you have downloaded and installed the game on your mobile, you can now proceed to complete the sign-up process. The sign-up process is extremely quick and hassle-free. After that, press “Play” tab, find “ENTER MATCH CODE” and then enter SPOOKYCUBE. When complete, you can start your first cash match and win the free money in the prize pool. Beat all the participants and win the #1 in the game.


3. Start Exploring the Gameplay and Participate in Tournaments. If you have downloaded the game via the provided link and entered Cube Cube Game Match Code of SPOOKYCUBE, you should have won the free money with all the participants from the 50 cash prize. Now, you are ready to explore the gameplay of this amazing puzzle game, participate in various tournaments, compete against worldwide players, win tournament challenges, and earn money.

In the tournaments, you will play against worldwide participants. If you win, you will be rewarded with prizes and real money. The amount of money that you win (by playing tournaments) can be withdrawn. Alternatively, you can use the amount in order to play other games. As a user, you will have a total of five attempts to try.

Get more free bonus cash with the following two methods

Joining the “Tournaments” and  “Head to Head” games need more entry fee or ticketz. Now Skillz offers two tricks for you to get the free bonus and you can win more money with them.

#1 Share with your friends.

Start inviting your friends to join the games! You can share an invite link to your friends by Message, Email, and Twitter. Or just copy the link and send it to your friends directly. When your friends install the app and make a deposit, you will get a free $10 cash in your account. Then, use these free bonus to win real money!

#2 Deposit to get another $30 cash.

If you are ready to join high-level tournaments and want to earn more money by playing Cube Cube game, I recommend you to deposit $30 and get a free $30 bonus cash. Then, you will have more chances to win and get the prize. Go to the “Store” and choose the deposit amount. When the payment is processed, you will get another $30 in your account. Then, go to fight and win the game!


Know More About Cube Cube – Lucrative Chance to Win Money By Playing Game

Note, Cube Cube mobile game is nothing but a simple puzzle game that features a deep strategy. You can either play this game for pure fun. For example, you can play this game in practice rounds. In practice rounds, you will explore and learn more about the gameplay. The platform automatically matches you against people that have the similar level of skill/ability. In this way, you will have more possibilities to win.

The practice mode is absolutely free to play. And, you will only need to invest money if you wish to win money. After entering a tournament, you can check your position within the app. Or, you may even visit the webpage that shows replays and the current high score:

how to play cube cube

Learn more to watch the video.

Now, Let’s started!

  • Free to download – Download it now!
  • Win money by playing tournament
  • Either play for fun or play for winning money
  • Do not forget to use Cube Cube promo code – SPOOKYCUBE
  • What are you waiting for? Download the game now and start playing it

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