How to get instant background check by paying only $1

How to get instant background check by paying only $1

As you already know that a pre-employment background check is absolutely necessary. Too many job applicants tend to make false claims and resumes whil

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As you already know that a pre-employment background check is absolutely necessary. Too many job applicants tend to make false claims and resumes while applying for a job prospectus. Even more, they also attempt to cover up their prior criminal activities. Please note, a background check is now not limited to hiring and employment anymore!

In fact, you can do a background check in order to reunite with your old friends or family members. You can even use this process to check someone’s criminal records, weapons permit check and more. Consider a situation, when a neighbor has recently shifted to your community and you are quite dubious and doubtful about his/her behavior and activities. Alternatively, you may have met an online dating partner but you want to verify more information about that person before engaging in a real-time relationship. In all of these aforementioned situations, you can take advantages of an online background checking service.

The best part is that an online background checking service is cheap, affordable, and reasonable. And, they will quickly offer you a detailed report about the person you are querying for (or performing a background check) without even letting the person know anything about it. Doesn’t it sound great and interesting? Of course, it is.

Well, in this context, let’s now reveal an advanced tool, Seekverify, that searches more than six millions of public records and generates an easy-to-understand and compiled background check report for you.


What is Seekverify?

Seekverify is offering you an innovative, comprehensive, and reliable background check tool so that you can easily find the real truth and various important facts of anyone. Starting from enquiring your new neighbor to reunite with your old friend, this background check service is an ideal tool for you if you need to perform a quick background check by phone number.

The process of a background check through Seekverify is extremely simple. All you will need to enter the full name, phone number, address or email id of that person (for whom you want to generate a background check report). And, the efficient tool will instantly search thousands of public records to get adequate information about that person, starting from weapons permits check to its past criminal history and much more too.

So, you must be wondering how does Seekverify work? In today’s world, whatever you do either online or offline will leave behind a trail of information. This trail of information is considered to be a public record. Seekverify has access to millions of such records; plus, the tool gathers information from thousands of relevant sources in order to offer you a complete, comprehensive, and easy to read the report.

The best part is that the tool charges an extremely minimal fee in order to perform an online background check for you. Just pay $1 for the background check and you can get your desired background check report within a matter of minutes. Seekverify is efficient, reliable, and extremely affordable.

What can Seekverify do for us?

As mentioned earlier, Seekverify offers an online background checking service at a reasonable price (just pay $1 for background check). So, what can Seekverify do for us?

To answer this question, let’s consider five common scenarios as listed below:

  1. You have been in contact with an unpleasant member of your community who is probably hiding a veil of cyber-anonymity.
  2. You may be dealing with some strangers who can’t be relied on.
  3. You may be associated with an individual who can either positively or negatively affect the safety, reputation, and security of your family.
  4. You are employing a driver, chauffeur, gardener, or a domestic chef for your homestead.
  5. You want to reunite with your old friends and family members.

In all of the five above-mentioned situations, Seekverify will help you obtain a detailed report about the concerned person so that you can take adequate measures (if required).

Benefits of SeekVerify

  1. The most reasonable tool for an online background check — pay $1 for a background check.
  2. Easy to use – you can perform a background check by phone number, email id, address, or full name.
  3. The outcome is an easy to understand, detailed, and easy to read a report that contains all important details like weapons permits check, criminal records, personal details, and more.
  4. It’s a powerful search tool as it has access to more than six million public records.
  5. A 24/7 member care is provided.
  6. You have the provision to download the auto-generated background check report from this tool.
  7. Your search will be safe, anonymous, and secured.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast, accurate, and efficient
  • Affordable and reasonable pricing
  • Comprehensive online background check report
  • Reliable service


  • Nothing as such

So, what are you waiting for? Do you need a quick background check report of a neighbor, relative, or stranger? Use Seekverify, pay $1 for a background check, and get a detailed report now.