How to create a GIF from video online

How to create a GIF from video online

GIF-sharing has been an insanely popular way on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. It is certainly a fun and fashionable way to drag people’s

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How to Create an Animated GIF in Giphy

GIF-sharing has been an insanely popular way on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. It is certainly a fun and fashionable way to drag people’s attention. You are available to impress others with an interesting animated icon on your forum account or share multiple images with one GIF pic with your family, friends, and colleagues. As long as you have multiple images that want to share with others, no matter your life moments, splendid movie clips or screenshots.

With the spreading of GIF, a bevy of tools are created to help us simplify the GIF creation process. There are a few online services among them that allow you to create GIFs straight from your browser conveniently. However, some online services have watermarks when you make a GIF. Concerned this we have tested quite a few online services, and a topped one to use is

It’s a simple yet powerful tool for you to create, resize, compress and play animated GIFs from images easily. It’s totally free and needs no registration at all. Besides, you can apply it to reduce the image size of your GIF, reverse the GIF, merge two GIFs together or split one GIF into separate frames. No matter you are a professional photographer or a novice in making GIF, would be a good option. This online tool works on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, you just need to make sure flash player is supported by the browser.

screenshot of Gifmakerme

Step-to-step Tutorial

Now you may in rush to make a personal GIF immediately, following these steps and your output GIF would be generated in minutes.

  1. Upload up to 300 images (JPEG, PNG, JPG, and Gif) that you want to make a GIF in the main panel, drag these images in right queue, and then you are able to preview the result on the control panel.
  2. In control panel, you can adjust the canvas size, animation speed of transitions, and repeat times of your GIF. In repeat times, enter 0 means you start an infinite loop of your GIF, other numbers would control the number of times your GIF repeats.
  3. You are allowed to upload a music by URL from YouTube to your GIF if you prefer.
  4. Click “Create GIF Animation” button and wait for seconds, your GIF would be ready to download.
  5. You are allowed to combine animated GIFs, create video or frame animation by repeating steps 1-3 and hitting the corresponding button.
  6. On the upper toolbar of this web page, you would be led to features like:
  • Resize and compress images.
  • Generate a complicated password to protect any file.
  • MP3 cutter to cut a portion from any audio file.
  • Convert PNG to ICO format.
  1. Once you generate your GIF images, you are able to download and share them on your Facebook, Twitter or other sites with your friends.

In the end.

You would master how to take advantage of this handy tool in fewer minutes with this tutorial. Once you handle it, you can create animated GIFs and slideshows from images in one go. Besides, it would bring so much fun to your life. Let’s get to it and combine funny animations with!