How to update and replace PDF links globally

How to update and replace PDF links globally

If you have dealt with PDF files for a while, you may be impressed by the convenience and cross-platform capabilities of this file format. However, th

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If you have dealt with PDF files for a while, you may be impressed by the convenience and cross-platform capabilities of this file format. However, there is one feature you should never ignore, that is the hyperlinks which you can embed in PDF documents. PDF hyperlinks are of importance for you to redirect your readers to online resources or external websites. This will improve the reading experience and bring convenience for your readers.

You may have found, it is not quite simple if you would like to edit or replace hundreds of PDF links in one PDF by using Acrobat. In this post, I will walk you through a perfect way to update PDF links globally. But before that, I still want to demonstrate how to add a hyperlink or replace a hyperlink by using Acrobat tools briefly. Then, you will know how simple to use this alternative method to manage your PDF hyperlinks.

Really simple to add a hyperlink to PDF with Acrobat.

Add one hyperlink is not difficult if you have installed and subscribe the Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Launch this application and open one PDF document.
  2. Click “Link” button in the toolbar and go to “Add or Edit”.
  3. Then draw a rectangle above the text (the anchor where you put your hyperlink).
  4. A dialog will pop up. Configure the “Link Appearance” and “Link Action”, then press “Next” button.
  5. Finally, enter a URL and complete the process by pressing “OK”.

You can watch the animated GIF below to know more how to add a hyperlink in detail.

how to add a hyperlink in pdf

Update and replace hyperlinks by using tools built-in Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat has provided a built-in tool to help you to update and replace hyperlinks and I will show you the detailed steps as followed.

  1. Go to “Link -> Add or Edit”.
  2. Double click the link you want to update and replace.
  3. After the Link Properties Dialog shows, go to “Actions” tab.
  4. Click “Edit”.
  5. Enter a new URL and click “OK” to replace the original URL.

You can know more about the process by watching the following animated GIF.

how to edit and replace hyperlinks with Acrobat

Tedious if you have to update hundreds of hyperlinks globally.

If you only have a few hyperlinks to update or replace, using Acrobat could be a good choice. But when you have to deal with hundreds of hyperlinks or replace one URL in PDF globally, you should have a second thought. It will be a tedious and boring process to search and replace URLs one by one. Here, I recommend a practical method to replace tons of hyperlinks embedded in PDF with only one click.

PDF Link Editor is designed for Windows users to manage multiple PDF hyperlinks. This free application could be an alternative method to help PDF users to replace and update PDF hyperlinks with only one click. Boost the productivity and save your time. It sports intuitive interface and you will get to know how to use it in minutes. It supports searching and displaying all hyperlinks embedded in PDF and you can replace any of them simply. You can also use it to clear all hyperlinks or extract and save those URLs in a plain text file.

replace pdf links in batch with PDF LInk Editor


  1. Search and display all hyperlinks, anchors, and positions automatically.
  2. Intuitive interface for beginners.
  3. Update and replace PDF hyperlinks globally in batch mode.
  4. Clear all hyperlinks and export a new PDF file with no URLs.
  5. Extract all hyperlinks and URLs.
  6. Update and replace PDF hyperlinks without any Adobe applications and plugins installed.
  7. Preview the added PDF.
  8. Totally free.

Publisher: PDF Link Editor.


Hyperlink a PDF in a most efficient way.

As PDF Link Editor has been updated from v1.0.0 to v1.6.1, now this small and smart application can create a URL for a PDF in a most efficient way. Remember how to add a hyperlink in a PDF with Acrobat? Just as I have mentioned above, you have to find the anchor and draw a rectangle above it and then insert a URL. Easy but not as efficient as possible. Simple but not smart especially when you have to insert hundreds of URLs at one time. Now PDF Link Editor can help you deal with such issue. You have an alternative way to make a URL link for a pdf.

Creating multiple hyperlinks in PDF is the strengths of PDF Link Editor. Follow the next steps to know how to use PDF Link Editor to automatically add links to PDF without Acrobat.

  1. Install and Launch PDF Link Editor v1.6.1;
  2. Add a PDF and go to “Add Links”;
  3. On the dialog pops up, enter the text you want to insert a hyperlink. This program will search all of the texts within the PDF.
  4. In addition, you can click “show me” to view the locations of all anchors.
  5. Finally, enter the URL like “” and click “Insert URL”. PDF Link Editor will add this link to your PDF in seconds.

add hyperlinks to a pdf in batch mode.

How simple, isn’t it? In addition to Acrobat, you can make use of PDF Link Editor to add links to PDF for free, now!


We have to say that Adobe Acrobat is a great PDF editor application with so many powerful tools. But it is impossible for any program to handle all possible issues. For the purpose of editing multiple PDF hyperlinks, PDF Link Editor deserves consideration and having a shot. With its remarkable features, you can clear, extract all hyperlinks and update URL globally in the easiest manner.

Tips: PDF Link Editor supports German, French, Spain and Italian for non-English speakers. Read the tutorial by clicking the following links.