How to save and share PDF files in public

How to save and share PDF files in public

As a standard “go-to” format, PDF has been widely used for information storage and file sharing. In practice, we edit our documents in the word proces

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As a standard “go-to” format, PDF has been widely used for information storage and file sharing. In practice, we edit our documents in the word processor like Office Word, save it as PDF format into the hard disk. Email, IM tools are generally preferred when transferring PDF files to colleagues or friends. It looks simple and convenient.

However, there are issues if the PDF files are in large size or the Internet connection is not stable. We need an alternative solution to transfer our PDF files more smoothly. Make it simpler to view PDF files without PDF reader applications installed in devices. So, generating a link for sharing and viewing PDF online come by.

As the browsers have offered the capability of viewing PDF files, it is no longer a challenge to open PDF on chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari. Here, after carefully test, we have reviewed four ways to help readers generate a link and share their PDF files publicly.

Google drive

Just as Google Drive says, your stuff, your way. Google drive is not only used for file storage but also file sharing. You can send your photos, videos, documents, zip files to your contacts. Upload your PDF files, click “Get shareable link” on the top panel and Google Drive will generate a link to your selected document. Share the link with your friend. The receiver can open the PDF document by copying and pasting the link into the address bar.

generate links by google drive.


  • Fast and reliable;
  • Google technology support;
  • Support all file formats;
  • OCR technology;


  • Only 15GB for free.


Docdroid is a free online tool to generate links for uploaded documents. The process is simple and smooth. Drag and drop your PDF files onto the panel, the link generating process will start automatically. When finished, you can copy the shortened link for sharing. Or you can share it on Twitter or Facebook directly.

upload pdf for sharing with docdroid.


  • Free and no need to sign up.
  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Support all document formats.


  • Only support English and German
  • 10 documents a day for the free plan.


Publitas is a powerful online publishing software. You can make use of it to create impressive digital publications. Generating links for uploaded PDF files is a basic feature. Just as the process of previous online tools, you can get the link by uploading PDF file and clicking “Share” button. A pop up will display the link and options to share via social media or email.

share pdf files with publitas.


  • Professional magazine publications creator. Especially for product description.
  • Hotspot feature;
  • Password protection;
  • Support teamwork.
  • Blazing fast.


  • Pay for premium features.

SendAnywhere (iPhone)

Send Anywhere could be used as another link generator that provides a simple way for sharing PDF documents. Obviously, it is far more than a link generator. It is designed to transfer all kinds of files between devices and it supports almost all platforms including Mobile, Desktop, and Web.

Get SendAnywhere from App Store. Select the desired PDF files, click “Send” button. You will get three elements could be shared. 6-digital key, shared link and QR code. Send the link to your friends and they will view your PDF file by using their browsers.

share pdf with sendanywhere iphone.


  • Professional file transfer.
  • Cross-platform capability.
  • The transfer process has been simplified.
  • Free.


In this post, you will learn how to share your PDF files in a smarter and safer manner. Upload your file to the cloud, generate a link and send it to your clients, team members or students. No PDF reader. No file downloading. No large files eating up your disk space.

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