Guide, top 5 ways to shrink pdf file size with online and offline tools.

Guide, top 5 ways to shrink pdf file size with online and offline tools.

PDF documents are terrific vehicles for conveying information. But sometimes that document can't be delivered or stored because it's file size is too

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PDF documents are terrific vehicles for conveying information. But sometimes that document can’t be delivered or stored because it’s file size is too large. What can you do? The document has important text and images that have to be stay in. The answer is to shrink PDF file size to something more manageable. There are several tools that you can use to make compression a breeze. We’ll review online and offline solutions.


sejda compress pdf online.’s PDF Compressor offers many options from tweaking image resolution to image quality. Drop in a file and choose “More Options” or accept the default settings by clicking on “Compress PDF.” The free version has limitations on file size and the number of files you can process per hour.


docupub compress pdf online.

The PDF optimizer at makes it easy to customize compression levels. Choose from built-in low, medium, high or maximum file compression. Specify the level of image compression desired before selecting the file to upload for processing. This PDF shrinker limits file sizes to 10 MB.

3. SodaPDF

sodapdf compress pdf online.

If your files are stored in the cloud, consider SodaPDF’s online tool to make PDF smaller. You can upload files from your smartphone, Google drive or Dropbox account. Simply upload your file and compression begins automatically. Once done, you may view the finished file in your browser or download locally. Compressed file quality is adequate for general use. Uploaded files are deleted after 24 hours.

4. PDF Compressor

pdf compressor v3 compress pdf offline.

Offline solutions have distinct advantages over online tools. PDF Compressor for Windows is a PDF optimizer with professional features, speed, power and security. After dragging and dropping your PDF file, click on “Settings” to access all the options available. Not only does this PDF shrinker automate the compression process, it gives you full control over it. You can remove images, modify image resolution and delete unused components like fonts, bookmarks, comments and attachments. Changing from color to grayscale offers the maximum level of file shrinkage.

PDF Compressor generates files in minutes. There is no web latency or file size limitations. All operation is done by the application with no need for third party software from Microsoft of Adobe. PDF Compressor’s modification engine can power through a list of files in batch mode. Security is assured with all processing done on the local computer. You can add metadata like title and author to further customize the final file.

5. NXPowerlite

nxpowerlite compress pdf offline.

NXPowerlite Desktop for Mac is geared for professional designers and business users. Drag in your file. Select one of the pre-made profiles such as Screen, Print or Mobile. You can use the Custom option to create your own presets to resize images to a specific resolution or delete unwanted document elements. Click on Optimize to begin processing. NXPowerlite licenses are offered on a per user subscription basis.


Compressed PDFs can be useful at home, school or office. You can send emails that don’t get blocked due to file sizes. Reduce size of PDF to free precious room on your hard drive. For everyday use, you’ll need an easy to use, cost-effective program that doesn’t compromise on features or performance. You need PDF Compressor for Windows.