Top 10 free software download websites in 2018 (keep updating)

Top 10 free software download websites in 2018 (keep updating)

We are living in a world full of technology, computers, smartphones, software, and applications. We are using OS to run our computers. We are using Wo

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We are living in a world full of technology, computers, smartphones, software, and applications. We are using OS to run our computers. We are using Word process software to create documents. We are using SaaS software to communicate with our clients, team workers. We are also using Apps in smartphones for reading, chatting and shopping. Needless to say, we are playing games on our computers for fun. Just like the electricity and air, we can’t live without software in the Internet age.

Fortunately, with the help of Internet and search engine, we can access thousands of different software applications. Plenty of download websites are also providing the services for users to download safe, virus-free software for free. They host the software on their servers, review and rate these products carefully. They help users make decisions by offering trustworthy reports.

However, you will not be so happy if you find a favorite software which can meet your needs but requests fee for continued use. You need a freeware rather than a free trial with limitations. You may ask yourself where to find freeware and what websites are specialized in collecting free software and downloading services?

No worries. Many download websites provide freeware collection services to the public. And their goal is to share the best and wonderful free applications for the people who need them. The following are the list of top 10 free software download websites. The software they are offering is all 100% free. No shareware, only freeware. download website.

Just as its name indicates, is good at freeware collection. Their editors write the review and provide the download link for the free software. You can search and download the freeware by relying on their rate and editors’ picks. website.

Although doesn’t provide download link directly for readers and software users, you can follow it to get information and evaluations their editors have wrote. They only accept freeware submission, update their listings by testing and reviewing them. After reading their how-to and top-5 articles, you can understand the functionality and make the right decision before using the application. is one another amazing website which provides high quality tutorials, how-to articles. They also provide free software collection and category services for downloaders. What’s more, they provide live giveaway campaigns so you can get some commercial items for free. download website.

Majorgeeks is one of the best websites to get free software download in full version. With this website, you can read the professional review from the editors. You can go to their forum to post your feedback and experience after using the applications downloaded from Majorgeeks. download website.

Softlay is a free software download site where editors have separated the collected software into 6 categories. They provide free software download services, write overviews, features and minimum requirements for the software. They also offer some serial keys for the paid commercial software.

Other free software download site in 2018 (Keep updating)

Name Website
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You can enjoy the excellent freeware download services provided by the websites in the list. They collect wonderful software around the world and make them free to access. With these freeware download websites, you are able to use the full functionality of any application completely free.

I will continue updating this list in the future. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please don’t be hesitate to tell us.