Top 3 stock photo sites to use in 2018

Top 3 stock photo sites to use in 2018

In the visual world, image plays an important role in our work and life. As a photographer or designer, you will certainly need to find inspiration fr

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In the visual world, image plays an important role in our work and life. As a photographer or designer, you will certainly need to find inspiration from a huge amount of classic artworks. If you are a blogger, posting a fantastic image on your paper would largely engage your followers. For normal laptop users, discovering and sharing an impressive image is also a necessary thing sometimes. However, finding out a totally satisfied image from the ocean of internet can be difficult and time-consuming. An ideal solution is utilizing a categorized and searchable stock photography. Here are a few online image sites for you to check out.


Pinterest is the most popular stock photo platform for users to gather, organize and view images. As a fantastic source of inspiration, it has an extensive collection of stock photos. There you can discover all kinds of photos with tags and categories.

The site has multiple pins that classified by tags and boards created by other users. You can easily dig out all images by searching for tags, boards or users. At the same time, Pinterest provides more keywords for you to search and navigate more deeply and specifically. When you meet a pic you like, you are capable of saving pins on your boards to easily collect and organize your ideas. You can also define the board state as secret board or group board, which allows you to invite friends to create one board together.

After you saving one pic on a board, you will see other similar pics recommended by site automatically. In addition, you can take a picture and find similar images with it.

screenshot of pinterest


Huaban is another mighty resource for free and high-resolution stock photography in China. The site holds a large number of pictures categorized by topics for users to look for. All pictures are defined with tags and organized in neat thumbnails, users can click on them to see the full pic.

As a potential alternative to Pinterest, Huaban shares the same ideas for users to set up boards with a list of image collection. We can say it’s much more like a visual bookmarking tool for saving pictures directly on the net. Furthermore, there is a plugin in Chrome that allows you to easily save all pics on your boards. With this enormous stock photography, you’re sure to find something fascinating that inspires you every time you visit Huaban.

screenshot of huaban


LibreStock is a metasearch engine with a collection of more than 350,000 stock photos from 47 websites. You can search various beautiful pictures with keywords, free for commercial or personal use. You can copy, modify, and distribute all images here without the requirement of permission. In short, this image collection platform would be a fascinating source with a bounty of impressive images.

screenshot of librestock

In the end.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the coverage of all high-quality free stock photos on the internet, these image sites have been a blessing for designers, bloggers, and all image fans. If you are in need of collecting and sharing images, these sites are well worth considering to stimulate your inspiration.