Top 8 best registry cleaner for Windows 10 in 2018

Top 8 best registry cleaner for Windows 10 in 2018

In many cases, we need to clean our registry for optimizing our PCs. There are some that you can download for free and there are those that are paid r

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In many cases, we need to clean our registry for optimizing our PCs. There are some that you can download for free and there are those that are paid registry cleaner tools. Just because you may have to pay for a program does not necessarily mean it is better. It is best to compare some of these programs that are available, so you can figure out which one is the best free registry cleaner.

#1: Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise registry cleaner is a free registry cleaner download that is also an optimizer. It is a 2.70 MB size download and is for cleaning junk, repairing Windows errors and keeping your PC at its peak performance. This is a cleaner that can but used with a PC that has multiple users, like a home computer shared by the family. The administrator can use Wise to clean all the user’s registries at once instead of having to do it individually. Wise Registry Cleaner can also find errors and residual items and fix them, resulting in a faster more stable system.

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A major feature that Wise Registry Cleaner can do is back up the PC’s registry before it cleans it. You then have the option to restore your PC to its previous condition if needed. The program has customizable settings being there are three different scan types; normal, safe and deep. The ability to scan custom areas such as invalid file extensions, invalid software paths, and more, is also available.

Though this is a free download, there is the option for a paid version. Wise Registry Cleaner Pro has higher performance.

#2: CCleaner

CCleaner is a free program that cleans a PC’s registry. It has the ability to choose which apps use your computer’s information. CCleaner can also stop harmful files that track information and can delete browsing data, ultimately freeing space.

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CCleaner does not have many features as a free download. The program doesn’t have automatic features, in order to update the operating system, the setting will have to manually be started. There is also no defrag feature. In order to gain these features, there is a paid version of CCleaner. This version has several more features that the free download.

#3: JetClean

JetClean registry cleaner is a free program that helps your PC have a faster startup and program launch speed. It cleans up unnecessary junk files and registry entries, giving your PC improvement performance. It not only makes your PC run more efficiently, while also creating a faster connection to the internet, it reduces system errors, as well as, system crashes. JetClean has a 5-star rating for all of its features and is a 3.54 MB size file.

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#4: Auslogic Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner has many features for being a free program. It cleans, repairs and optimizes your PC’s registry to remove errors and prevent crashes. Auslogics keeps your PC running smooth and efficient, keeping stable operation the way a brand new computer does. This is a program that gives the user complete control, giving you the ability to see what has been found as corrupt, so you can double check to make sure there isn’t something that should be kept instead of removed. Unlike most other free programs, Auslogics creates restore points.

Auslogic registry cleaner free

For being a free PC registry cleaner, Auslogics has an industry acknowledged quality. It is recommended by experts and has been tested by multiple different tests to prove it is safe and effective. It is a program that was developed by Microsoft Gold Application Developer, a Microsoft partner.

#5: Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner is a free registry cleaner download that helps your PC run more efficiently by cleaning the PC’s registry. In just a short amount of time, the program analyzes the registry and finds any invalid entry, which is something that is left behind after a program is installed and this takes up space. Broken references and other junk entries may also be found by the registry cleaner. The program will provide a list of everything that is found, giving the user the option to remove items from the list that may be needed. There is also a backup option or restore point offered. With Argente Registry cleaner, the user is also able to manually set what areas are to be scanned and to keep a list so certain entries stay excluded from the programs scan.

Argente registry cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner is a 7.39 MB download and is compatible with Windows 2000. The program does not have the option for a scheduled scan.

#6: Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo Win Optimizer is a free full version PC registry cleaner. The program is a multi-language and has a free language editor download for those who can not find their language, and want to translate the program into their language. It is the best registry cleaner for Windows 10, taking care of your PC by cleaning hard disks, removing fingerprints left by internet browsing, optimizing internet connections and the performance of the Windows registry. There is also a defrag feature to defrag the registry, as well as, hard disks and runs it as a nondisruptive background task.

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Ashampoo analyzes the registry and gets the full detail of the system. It has a backup feature so the user can restore any changes. It has an Antispy feature to improve the PC’s privacy. Ashampoo will speed up your computer’s startup and remove unnecessary files. This free program doesn’t only have a large number of features, it gives the user control, freedom to customize. It has a one-click optimizer feature, context menu manager, predictive disk defragmenter and more.

#7: Windows Care Genius

Windows Care Genius is a program that can be downloaded for a small fee. It has many more features than free versions, 22 to be exact. It has the ability to give your PC a checkup in order to make sure there is healthy functionality, then provides that information and gives you the ability to schedule a scan regularly. Windows Care Genius cleans junk files that may be taking up space and slowing down performance. It also removes unnecessary information such as cookies, passwords, traces of online activities and more.

Windows care genius free.

For performance and stability, Windows Care Genius has One feature that includes five different features. These features include a system optimizer, defragmenter, startup manager, context menu and windows registry defrag. They are all a part of System Tuneup, keeping your PC running fast and efficient.

Windows Care Genius keeps your privacy private. The Privacy Protector feature prevents personal information that may have been stored from online use and removes it. It deletes any traces to where you have been, ultimately stopping any leaks before they can happen. The program automatically updates itself, has 7/24 technical support and even has different themes that can be chosen.

#8: Registry Life

Registry Life is a free version of a registry cleaner that helps your PC run like it should. It gives the user the ability to restore any changes that were made. It also focuses on startup applications, figuring out what may be slowing startup down and fixing the problem. It analyzes the PC’s registry to find any problems and junk files or invalid entries and deletes them, freeing up space. Registry Life is an optimization registry cleaner that defrags and compresses the PC’s registry. It is quick and efficient for the user and displays the results of the scans so users can double check the information and keep anything if needed.

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Registry Life defrag feature removes blank spaces, as well as, deletes unnecessary entries, invalid and problematic entries in order to be a high quality optimizing cleaner. Each scan only takes a few moments and once the user confirms the deletion, a backup file is created. Registry Life is a free program that once it does its job, creates no after problems, and results in freed up space and a quicker startup.


In conclusion, it is plain to see there are many different types of free programs to clean your PC’s registry. Some may be a better quality of others, some may have more features than another and some may be very similar. The free versions of a registry cleaner may only be a taste of what a paid version may offer. This gives the user a chance to be able to really get an opinion on the program and upgrade for a small fee it if is to their liking.

The best free PC registry cleaner is Ashampoo WinOptimizer. The program has 11 years of experience, giving the best optimization experience. It is not only the best free registry cleaner but the best registry cleaner for Windows 10. It is a high tech program that is able to keep up with the more advanced systems of today. Ashampoo keeps your PC running at its peak performance, preventing digital garbage build up and preventing inexplicable errors. It is a user-friendly registry cleaner that has customizable features and there is little to do on the user’s behalf.