A great note-taking app: Youdao Cloud Note

A great note-taking app: Youdao Cloud Note

In order to remember everything, we usually get accustomed to scribbling down notes, reminders or important items on paper. It would be a great helper

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In order to remember everything, we usually get accustomed to scribbling down notes, reminders or important items on paper. It would be a great helper to remind us later, also a necessary way to organize our thoughts. However, compared with the digital notebook, paper writing has many shortages. It is slow in writing speed, hard to manage and save for a long time. At the same time, much info today is collected online during work and life. Hence, to put all info together and well-organized when researching online, we should adopt a professional note-taking app. Here we introduce you a full-featured note-taking app: Youdao Cloud Note.

It’s simple enough to capture and take notes on the go, also powerful enough to manage your entire digital files. It offers you up to 3GB saving space in the free version, which enables you to create as many notebooks as you want. Also, you can expand to 50GB in premium version if you need more space, but a free version is enough for most users. You can use it as a personal cloud database and save all kinds of precious materials in work, study, and life easily and quickly. We can see it has all the main features that taking notes needed, and there are still a few unique features worth mentioning.

youdao cloud note

Main features

Youdao Cloud Note supports you to:

  • organize notes in the different document folder.
  • lock single file or folder with a password to protect valuable info.
  • navigate to any content with full-text search.
  • create to-do-list to organize your daily life.
  • pin important file up top to view it easier.
  • input word document directly into the database.
  • output document into iWork, word or pdf format with a simple click.
  • create and manage multi-level catalog and powerful full-text search.
  • edit in markdown format and highlight code.
  • save articles and pictures, voice memo or handwritten notes.
  • save information from a full webpage with the plugin.
  • annotate note with font, size, color, bold, bullet points, etc.
  • sync across all your devices.

As your notebooks start to grow, it’s important to make sure you can find any content. Luckily, Youdao lets you free from struggling to find the file you want. It not only provides you a multi-level folder to help you manage files orderly, the powerful full-text search feature also enables you to find any part you need. The premium version even enables you to search words in your picture.

Furthermore, you can add a layer of security to files or folders to protect your valuable information. In addition, the program supports popular Markdown formatting syntax and provides a simple guide for novices.

In conclusion

Youdao Cloud Note is an app designed for note taking, organizing and archiving. It allows you to take quick notes (both handwritten and typed), capture screenshots, and record voice. You can also sync your files across any devices regardless of platforms, letting you take all collections with you wherever you go. you can have a try to see if it attracts you.

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