Best tool to download multiple videos from YouTube

Best tool to download multiple videos from YouTube

There are loads of amazing and fascinating videos on YouTube, you can immerse yourself in video clips, educational resources, live streams, feature fi

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There are loads of amazing and fascinating videos on YouTube, you can immerse yourself in video clips, educational resources, live streams, feature films or TV Series there. Unfortunately, YouTube videos have been designed to only support viewing on the website, other than downloading to your hard disk. But sometimes you may want to save your favorite videos for watching offline or on other devices. In other occasions, you might come across a bad bandwidth that restricts the speed of loading video. Or you probably just want to make a backup of interesting videos in case it’s deleted. This is the time you will need a free YouTube downloader to get YouTube videos for free on Windows.

Here is the most popular YouTube video downloader in China, Bigrats YouTube Downloader. It is a portable and dedicated program that stands out for the high downloading speed, powerful bulk downloading as well as the best quality of all videos. Besides, it provides downloading solution to, ESL TV, 5min, and Howcast. Also all types of videos from mainstream video sites in China, which will expand your horizon and fulfill your curiosity greatly.

screenshot of Bigrats Youtube Downloader

With Bigrats YouTube Downloader, you can save YouTube videos without slowdowns in your hard drive in any display modules you like. Let’s see how to save videos with this video grabber.

Step-to-step Tutorials

  1. Download this portable software by hitting the “Download” button at the end of this post, you can open it without installation.
  2. Copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  3. Click “New task” to download single video, or “New bulk task” button to Download multiple videos simultaneously. The copied URL will be pasted on page address automatically.
  4. Browse the computer and specify the destination folder.
  5. Select checkboxes that successively allows you to:
  • download after adding task immediately or manually.
  • create saving directory automatically
  • show the resolution
  1. Hit “Yes” button and the server will identify, load the video and start downloading automatically in seconds.
  2. There are still some settings you can change on the main panel:
  • You can download up to five videos at one time.
  • Though there is no speed limitation while downloading, you can also set the limited speed to ranges from 30-3000 k/s.
  • You can choose to auto shutdown PC after download process completes.

Note: the program also packed with an online parsing and downloading site. Go to and save files from YouTube and Vimeo online.

In conclusion

All in all, Bigrats YouTube Downloader is a quite intuitive tool that provides a concise way for grabbing and downloading videos and clips from YouTube. As a program combined with a clean interface and high downloading speed, it has almost everything a video downloader needs. We bet this program will help you save time a lot by downloading batch videos with a few clicks. Try to use it now and enjoy downloaded videos alone or with your friends and family.

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