Powerful desktop calendar with reminder for PC

Powerful desktop calendar with reminder for PC

There are many schedules we need to manage every day, such as appointments, holidays, anniversaries and other to-do events. If we record them separate

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There are many schedules we need to manage every day, such as appointments, holidays, anniversaries and other to-do events. If we record them separately, we may forget some important things and low down efficiency.

To solve this problem, we can use Desktopcal, a simple yet practical calendar and event reminder tool to organize our work and life. For example:

  • We can use Desktopcal as a memo to all upcoming events.
  • Follow up work task and complete it with clear arrangement.
  • Set up plans for next week.

It has an appearance close with paper wall calendar, which makes it very easy-to-use. You can input every day’s plan into corresponded date cell by easily double-clicking it.

Furthermore, after double-clicking, we can see there are three icons shown on the editable cell.

  • The left one allows you to customize the cell’s background color as your preference. This simple function will give you colorful days and bring your good mood every time you check it.
  • The middle icon gives you a choice to mark the completed item with strikethrough. You can also achieve this by right-clicking the item and click “mark as complete” to remind yourself.
  • The right icon lets you list schedules and to-dos with bullets or numbered lists.

    screenshot of desktop calendar

What’s more, this lightweight software is only 3.3M, which indicates that it covers a tiny memory and will not affect your computer’s boot time. Also you can hide and show the calendar with a simple click in the upper right panel.


In setting panel, you can customize the appearance with the choice to show or hide week numbers, shadows, and passed weeks. Also you can change the max rows of calendar from 1 to 40.

Cell style

At the same time, you can customize the cell’s background transparency by changing the value. Adjust the cell gap from 0 to 10. Also change the fonts of items into the one you like.

This software also allows you to move data from one device to another if you need to synchronization. All you need to do is click the cloud button and register an account with your email. Click “synchronize” and your data will be uploaded into server. When you need to synchronize in another device, just click the button again. Note that this software is only compatible with Windows system, so sync is only available for PC.

screenshot of desktop calendar

Features Overview

  • Easily double – click the desktop to start recording events
  • A cool and versatile calendar placed on windows desktop as a reminder and memo.
  • Offers a variety of common festivals, anniversaries and other information.
  • Print any page of calendar with wallpaper.
  • Set background colors for any day you want.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use settings allows you to easily customize your own calendar.
  • Powerful cloud sync makes you rolling back easily.
  • It supports 20 languages for installation.

In conclusion

This desktop calendar consists all powerful and practical functions to fulfill almost all your needs. You can input with a simple click, customize backgrounds, colors and fonts as you wish, even print the calendar with wallpaper. All these functions are for free, I hope this handy app would live up to all your expectation. If yes, download it onto your desktop with following link and manage all tasks and events now!

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