The best tool for saving articles to read later

The best tool for saving articles to read later

As a main source of information, we obtain enormous articles, posts and images from internet every day. Perhaps you prefer saving these appealing cont

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As a main source of information, we obtain enormous articles, posts and images from internet every day. Perhaps you prefer saving these appealing contents for later reading, or keeping useful stuffs to review in the future. Bookmark these scattered materials is a necessary and important thing. Therefore, you need one professional and customizable Read it Later app to help you save and manage any contents swiftly.

Shouqu is the one offering excellent read-it-later services in iPhone, iPad, kindle and windows. It highlights in the ability to save all contents (including papers, images, music and videos) from almost all sources. All you need to do is simply clicking save button. It is a wonderful alternative to Pocket if you mainly focus on reading, as most features that charge $44.99/yr in Pocket is 100% free in Shouqu.

screenshot of shouqu

We have summarized some features you may interest:

Save forever for free.You can permanently save papers in Shouqu. At the same time, if the original paper you used to save has been deleted, you can still view it in Shouqu as it has been archived and saved in servers.

Make favorites private.If you don’t want others who visit your page to go looking through stuff you’ve favorited, you can keep the folder or article private. When you save article by copying links you can set paper as private directly in your collection folder. In mobile version, you can even make all public article private completely.

Free full-text search. It allows you to search and rediscover the content you’ve save by key words or tags within all favs.

Text to speech feature. You can read English or Chinese articles for free. It also supports you to adjust the reading speed, closing time and reading voice between male and female mode. This feature allows you to listen article instead of reading and use small fragments of time more efficiently.

Manage bookmarks in batch mode. You can add folders and mark it as read, unread or reading. After you select a bunch of bookmarks, you can collect, delete, classify, setting privacy, and mark the reading status in batch mode.

Edit and highlight. You can add notes on rearranged article and highlight anything for future reference. It helps you to record new idea and focus on important part, so you can deepen impression and review it easily without having to browse the full text.

Learn Chinese. There are many Chinese posts shared on Popular posts, so if you are a Chinese learner it would help you very much. If not, you can just use it as a collection folder and focus on reading.

Sync in all devices. Accurately, you can sync across phones, tablets, computers as well as kindles. Therefore, you can review collected pages wherever you’d like.

  • Download and install App to smartphones or tables.
  • On computer, you can visit and find the corresponding browser plugin at the upper right corner of the page.
  • If you get used to read on kindle, Shouqu will be a perfect bookmarking app.

In conclusion

Shouqu puts pages you’ve saved for later reading in a clean, beautiful, easy-to-navigate layout. It is specialized in content collection, and lets you read it later anywhere. What’s more, it is totally free with many powerful features. Hence, next time when you see an interesting paper, picture, video or link, just right click mouse and save it on Shouqu.

You can directly download this plug-in and install it in Chrome.

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